At Be we pride ourselves on creating the ultimate eyebrow around your uniqueness, shape of face, and personal desires. Several methods are used from straight tweezing, soft wax, hard wax and or a combination of, the end result is an eyebrow that complements your features and personality especially designed for you.


Lash lift, Lash tint.. At Be we have designed a special colour from years of painstaking determination, for the blackest black for those luscious lashes. Lift those lashes with a curling system just for lashes and combine the lift with a tint for an unstoppable intoxicating effect on your on looker.


At Be we use only the best in facial products. Yonka, a facial line from France, known for its pure contents (90+ percent natural origins) and dermal corrected response on the skin, has proven a hit with clients every time. We design your facial according to your needs. Cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and messaging are some of the features to be enjoyed while addressing the needs of your skin. The aromatic quintessence of Yonkas signature essential oils dance in the room taking you to another land. Facials range in time from 1 hr to 2 hrs price reflecting.


Waxing an old faithful method never lets you down.

 Zinc oxide soft wax technology for the most delicate of skins to the toughest hairs, both are managed with success! Hairs removed and skin not compromised.

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