Brows……Romantic, says so much about who you are.
The Brow. What do yours’ say?
They flow across the landscape of your face  furrow and dance with expression.
What do yours’ say.

Book with us and change your expression, BE Romantic, BE Strong, BE Subtle,
but BE not removed.
Play hard, swim freely, shower fearlessly Book Now at BE Scalp Excellent.


Liners, enhance, lift, and provoke.

Whether you have a thin line called a lash enhancement, or a more defined and thicker liner for a lifting effect or perhaps both upper and lower liners framing your beauty. You will naturally provoke a response from your on looker. Never again worrying about your balance or lack of it when engaging with a person of whom is riveted by your conversation and intoxicating eyes. A consultation with our experts will help you decide what best suits you.


Lip Liner, Lip Blush, Lipstick lip , what does it all mean?

If your lip line has faded over the years. If you suffer from Vitiligo disorder, have lines forming on the lip edge or simply struggle with your liner daily, this treatment is a game changer.

A lip liner skirts the edge of the lip enhancing the natural line or redefines a better one.  

Lip blush, a more temporary lip treatment lasting 6 months to a year, covers the whole lip territory with a splash of lip tint. Very natural and soft in effect.

Lipstick lip, is a saturated coverage over the whole lip territory giving a lipstick look all the day day and night. No more losing the lips over supper. 

Spectacular; all three have great and lasting effects, a must have!

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