Mathew interview 1 Scalp Micra USA

Mathew From Scalp Micra USA sat comfortably on the couch at his studio and answered many of probing questions. His Modest Character reflects his business model, Confident, and forward thinking.

It was my desire to apply the audio interview to this blog due to its throw content and hear the answers directly from Mathew . However I’m not terribly savvy with electronics but am working to achieve this task.

In the mean time here are some nuggets from the interview…

We started with the tender topic of dealing with the images of man as it is no small feat. An artists desire is to see the dreams of the client unfold into reality. This can be quite unnerving but not for Matt and his team. As we sat people rolled in to have their treatment done. Some nervous but not for long as Tara and her relaxed sweet mannerism put to rest all there concerns. Others boldly entered for there touch up, beaming with excitement because those they knew thought their hair had began to grow back or were asked ‘who’s your barber.’ I continued to ask questions, Mathew shared how many people are seeing the value of the service, the durability of the service and cost effectiveness of the treatment. He shared about how hair transplant scars, in addition to facelift scars, no matter the scar, are able to be camouflaged with good SMP.

It was exciting to see those who have encountered the experienced hands of Mathew and those who he has trained. side note: I’m one of those :D! They have had their life transformed by taking this first step.

One final mention, he said that his desire is to see more people avoid the expense of sprays, powders, medication with side effects, shampoos, creams and the like, to have a successful encounter with quality skilled caring compassionate workers. To be educated about the whys and hows. To experience victory over this area in their life. I share this perspective with my whole heart as well. Thank you Mathew for teaching myself and others good technique and values in the industry.

There is an excellence with in this team. It was a real honour to interview them!

Thanks Guys!!

Audio interviews hopefully to come!!

Having trained with Scalp Micra USA I proud to hold the same standards! If you would like a consultation and have questions about the whys and hows please call Deb 778 834 6601.