Women And Male pattern baldness

A growing concern amongst women
It seem male pattern baldness is on the rise with women. An increase in stress and responsibilities for many women have effected their crown of glory. Juggling family, full-time jobs, managing their household, acting as the family counsellor, referee, chauffeur, and on and on the list could go. All has an effect on the state of that thick mane you once had. For some women it is a hormone imbalance and for others it seem hereditary. No matter the cause the reaction remains the same for all…. grief, sadness and embarrassment. No offence to the men but you are supposed to be met with this rather frustrating phase in life BUT women, well, we’re not supposed to have such an experience.

Ok now what? There has to be an answer…


1) reduce stress

2) adjust our life

3) try to comb our hair less, sprays, powder and thickening shampoos are next on the agenda.

In the end you’re still left with frustration added to the grief, sadness and embarrassment. Expensive and repetitive.. STOP! wasting your money, there is an answer, and its’s three visits with scalpexcellent.com!!!

Bellow is a picture of one of my clients who did SMP Density. She is absolutely over the moon because she doesn’t have her dark hair powder all over her bathroom counter tops any longer, nor does she worry about her new white blouse covered in dark sprinkles, what a freedom!

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