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To ensure your reservation, a deposit of $50 dollars will be accepted to demonstrate your seriousness of appointment. This deposit will be added to your treatment balance and is non-refundable.

Taxes have not been included in the prices and 5% gst will be added at time of payment.

The shop is busy. If you are 15 minutes or later we may have to reschedule your appointment. This would result in the forfeiting of your deposit. Failure to show up for your touch-up will result in the loss your appointment and deposit, however you can still book for a touch-up at a cost of $100.

Each booking requires a deposit, failing to attend your appointment or give 48 hr cancellation notice will result in the loss of your deposit.

It is expected that the client will do his or her part at home to achieve the final effect.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.


All head work requires consistency with bookings. The client is required to pre-book their treatments from beginning to end in order to achieve the final effect of a natural head of hair. Failing to do this may result in patchy unfinished work.

All head work require a deposit of $200 to secure appointment time.

Should the client decide to add an additional area for tattooing at anytime, deviating from the original plan, will require more bookings and a greater cost to the client.

With proper care, using high spectrum sunscreen when outside, SMP commonly lasts for years. Client with a healthy immune system and a full series of SMP treatments, can last 5+ years before needing a touchup.


Touch-ups for some, may be done as often as 2 times per year or as infrequently as 1 time in a few years. Much depends on the lifestyle of the person, their skin type and chemistry. Results have shown to be natural, lasting and beautiful.


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