~ Micheal W, Client

“I am really happy with the micro-pigmentation that Deb did on my head. I was initially worried about what it would look like, because it’s on your face and it’s permanent! I researched it for a couple of years before I got it done. I saw some good work and some horrible work and that made me even more concerned that my head might turn out to be one of the bad ones.

Fortunately, Deb is a true artist. She was understanding and patient with me. We worked together to get the perfect hairline, because in my opinion, a good hairline will determine a natural vs unnatural look. I showed Deb old photos of me (when a I had more hair) so that she could replace what I had lost.

The majority of people didn’t notice the change right away. They knew something was different but they couldn’t work out what. In my opinion, that is a successful outcome! A natural look. People can’t believe it is ink and not hair. That is Deb’s artistic touch!

People ask me if it was painful. Not at all. A couple of sensitive spots, but I would describe the feeling as ‘irritating’. You get used to it after a couple of minutes. And the result is worth it!

If you are thinking about getting it done, do your research, and then go see Deb!”

~ James B, Client

“If you’re looking to get SMP done, Deb is amazing. And she’s not happy unless her work is perfect and you’re happy. I highly recommend her!”

~ Keith, Client

“Debbie is such a kind person and genuinely cares about you and what you want. During the procedure, many hours are spent together in a clean and comfortable environment. I love my transformation and what Deb has been able to do for my confidence. Not being from her area she was able to tend to my troubles with travelling to her and we were able to make changes to bookings very easily. Im very happy with the final product and if I had to redo this experience over I would pick Deb again and again! Thank you so much”

~ Forever grateful, Nicole

“Thank you, Deb!
I can’t even begin to describe my confidence level for the first time in many years.

I suffer with PCOS and one of the side effects is male pattern baldness. When I was younger, there would be periods of thinning and than periods of fullness. The past few years it’s been thinning.

I lived very aware of my hair and the width of my part. I spent lots of money on products that didn’t help at all. My final attempt was sprinkling fibers on my scalp daily. While the fibers hid my condition, the itching and clean up of it were to be desired.

Than I met Deb and she opened my mind to something I did not even not was possible. I could hardly contain my excitement.

Deb, has changed my life! I no longer live having my hair loss always on my mind. The results are amazing and Deb is too!

Thank you for your awesome professionalism and your meticulous work!”

~ Mark C, Client

“Deb has done a fantastic job of reproducing my hair line by using her technique of micro pigmentation. She is extremely talented and not only has she done fantastic work on my hairline she continues to work on it once a year as a follow up service. I have on many occasions recommended friends consult with her and they are always extremely happy they did. She continues to work on my hair line once a year as a follow-up service.

~ Jose, Client

“Hi there, my name is Jose, 39 years old. I work in the health care industry in Vancouver and I’m relieved that I opted to get my Scalp Micropigmentation done by Debbie. I always noticed that my hair was getting thin and I just didn’t like it, first I went to wearing hair system / wig for years, wearing it made me more detached and was always worried that it might look fake or unnatural so for years even if I looked good using a wig I had fears. Eventually I decided to get SMP and luckily I met Debbie through her husband and I was amazed how professional and top class on Skin Micropigmentation application.

Debbie is basically my go to hair expert, she guided me from start to finish and she was confident with her talent. after my sessions it blew my mind how natural looking my ‘hair’ looked like and I everyone I know what amazed and thought it was real! I’m so grateful that I met Debbie as she is a bit of an obsessive compulsive on her work, she’s an actual artist that wants perfection on every client that she handles and I can tell that she seeks perfection in detail, the right shade and color and everything. At first as a newbie on this I thought it’s just like a normal tattoo but it’s not. MSP is very meticulous and precise, that’s why I’m happy I opted for her cause her natural talent as an artist is applied to her shading and blending of my natural hairand the SMP on my head still has a good percentage of hair and she made it blend perfectly. See for yourself and with confidence going through the process with Debbie ”

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