What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation was developed as a cosmetic procedure for both men and women who suffer hair loss. This procedure leaves tiny micro dots which resemble hair follicles on the scalp, filling in the balding area and giving it a full natural look. The machine used is specially designed with state-of-the-art technology and has been created specifically for scalp artistry.

What is density?

Density is a procedure using an electrical device to densely saturate the scalp by tattooing micro dots under existing hair, creating a shadow effect reflecting the illusion of thicker hair. Because balding does not discriminate, this procedure is excellent for both men and women.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation right for me?

If you’re stressed about hair loss and have tried every method, such as prescriptions, thickening shampoos, messy sprays and costly treatments which do not promise results…this, honestly, is an affordable and effective option that is most likely for you. Taking 3 to 7 visits to complete the effect, the procedure can last 5+ years for a healthy person. Lifestyle does influence durability and stayablity of artistry. This treatment is fully natural looking and boosts confidence whether male or female. The before and aftercare is minimal and simple to follow. You couldn’t ask for more. If you’re using colour sprays and hats to disguise thinning, put them away because this game changer is likely for you!

Do men Microblade their eyebrows?

Modern men today see the benefit of Microblading their brows. This is an excellent method to bring back a youthful look. The technique is a modest application of strokes and colour, carefully chosen to achieve the best result.

Does it hurt?

As each person will respond differently, we do our very best to make sure the client is as comfortable as possible. We, the client and I, discuss and decide together what is in the best interest for the client. Having a clear understanding of what is involved in the procedure is the first step. Knowledge is power. While most people tolerate this procedure very well, an application of a fast-acting numbing solution, if necessary, will be applied throughout the treatment and will result in comfortable and positive experience.

NOTE: All needles, grips, handles, plastic covers and micro blades are disposable and used one time only.

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