Head Talks with Scalp Micra USA

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These are exciting times we live in! No longer are we bound to hats and hiding, but with confidence, leave our hats at home and sit at the front of the audience without concern of what the person behind you sees….Am I talking to somone out there even now?

SMP, is a relatively new procedure, in that it has been in effect and a confirsation amongst many, over the last decade approximately.

There are front runners in this industry, I’m proud to post the video below, presenting one of the best, in my opinion. Their technique and ink have shown the most amazing realist results and over thirty thousand heads speak of their conquests!!!

Side note: I had the privilege to train under Scalp Micra USA, I will be forever grateful for the skills they’ve passed on to me. Having trained with many, many, many people, these for- runners are certainly leaders in the industry world wide!
Check it out!

I’d like to further like to thank Shauna from Beauty INK for introducing me to these amZing Cats for training ????