Scalp pricing upon consultation. An overall quote will be based on the industry standard (Norwood Scale) for men and the (Ludwig scale) for women.


Microblade brows $400
* One touch-up within 4-8 weeks
from 1st appointment for $200

Brow shading $400
* One touch-up for $200

Brow shading and hairstrokes $350
* One touch-up for $200

Brow shaping $38

Brow shape and tint $48


Eyeliner enhancement upper $450
* One touch-up for $200

Eyeliner enhancement upper and lower same day $550
* One touch-up for $250

Lower liner alone $200
* One touch-up for $100

Designer liner upper $500
* One touch-up for $300

Upper and lower designer liner same day $600
* One touch-up for $450


Lip Contour outline $550
* One touch-up for $300

Lip Full $500
* One touch-up for $350

*Note: lips may need third visit at extra cost of $100


* All additional brow touch ups after full treatment:
4-8 weeks $100
8 weeks to 6 months $175
6 months to a year $225
2nd year $325


Lash lift $125

Lash tint $38


Eyes only $38

Strip lash $20

Full face day $75

Full face evening $85

Bridal $125

Graduation $95


Facials classic and creative starting at $135 decadent and effective 1 1/2 -2 hrs in length

Facial Special  1hr   $115

Micro needling  1hr 1/2  $200

Eye treatment add on  $28 + 15mins


Brow wax  $38

Brow wax and tin $48

Brow tint  $18

Brow shaping $38

Brow straightening $60

Chin wax $15

Cheek wax  $20

Ear wax  $15 x 2

Nose wax $15

Full face wax not including brow artistry  $30


Arm 1/2 wax $30

Arm full wax  $45

Back 1/2 wax  $30

Back full wax  $55

Bikini basic  $38

Bikini extra $50

Brazilian  $55
(for all bikini hard wax is a 5 dollars extra charge)

Buttocks $25

Chest wax $48

Chest tint $40

Fingers wax $20

Hand wax $10

Leg 1/2  L wax $38

Leg 1/2 upper $45

Leg full wax $80

Shoulder wax $20

Toe $18

Under Arm wax $18



Each visit, more than one visit is often required.

Terms & Coniditions


Booking Cancellation for all head work requires 48 hrs notice to change appointment time and includes the loss of deposit with last minute changes.


Cancellations require 48 hours notice of scheduled appointment time. Failure to do this for first appointment results in loss of deposit and for touch ups the loss of both deposit and touch-up appointment.

All Brows, Lips and Liner come with one touch-up within 6-8 weeks for a small fee. If you happen to require a third visit to achieve your desired effect, there will be an additional charge of $100.

The second visit should occur between 4 to 6 weeks after the initial work. A touch-up has a maximum of 2 months to be used, after 12 weeks the treatment is no longer a touch-up and will result in the loss of the included touch-up. A touch-up can still be done but at the cost of $175 within 6 months.

We require you to schedule your free retouch in the time mentioned above.

We will accept a request to retouch another artist’s work but you will have to pay the full price of the treatment cost and in some cases a greater amount depending on work required.

Any Special offers on treatments or touch-ups are limited and require use with in the specified time or are no longer applicable.

We accept cash, credit card or debit only. Thank you.

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