New Beginnings

New Beginnings

September and the season is changing…the leaves are turning, and mine, turning over a new one.

Beginning a new chapter, at Much About Hair …Thanks Patricia for having me come on board and Stratosphere for the many years we’ve shared together, I will miss U’ALL dearly.

I find that September is more symbolic for new starts than the typical January as the year roles over. September, school is about to begin, new goals are set by business owners, a new fashion statement for a new season…… and….. who isn’t ready for the past to be behind us?

With excitement for the future, even in its uncertain presence…. given our time with covid, we are all ready to turn the page. That’s just what I’ve done with the help of Team Micro. What a fantastic job Fern and her team at Team Micro did to give a fresh face to!

A new face to my website, a new place to operate my business and some exciting specials to share with my clients as a THANK YOU for the many years of support and for those who have yet to be bedazzled by Deb’s nurturing hands, this is a perfect opportunity to try me out.

How about some Scalp Micro Pigmentation as a thinning hair solution to start the new season with? Or some fresh eyebrows peeking over the mask that we need to wear for a while longer until this covid season has passed.

How about a tender facial to refresh yourself? No matter the service, be tender with yourself and jump onto some of these amazing specials.

What are these specials you ask???

Well, 30 percent off off any service I offer when you book on line at till October 15. 2020.,

You won’t regret having Scalp Micropigmentation done, no more hair fibres, medicines and hair shifting, hair spraying and concerns for picture angles……. they all take a powder, so to speak! No more fretting or continued monthly expense. It’s a new season.
Come and see me …lets talk about doing something new, tender and exciting. Just for you!

Join me at to book a consultation or book in for a Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment, microblading brows, powder brows, lips, liner, facials or for a simple but most effective brow shaping to give you a new fresh face, to a new season, at the start of this September.

Can’t wait to see you there at Much About Hair
3168 Oak street Vancouver.

affectionately [email protected] XO