Scar Revision… Security for Updos

Today, the skills of some great surgeons are truly amazing! I’m in awe of one, who I think has done one of the best face lift surgeries I’ve seen to date. In creating the perfect tightness, he made small lengthy incisions which dart from many points on the head creating such even consistency of stretch. Just beautiful.

I was hired to strengthen a weak hairline for my client and It was then I discovered these scars, you could say I bumped into them. As excellent as he was, there were places, that should my beautiful client wear her hair up, it would be possible to see the thumbprint of his workmanship. I am still very impressed by this skilled Doctor/artist, but what I learned, is that in any surgery there will be scars.

As I tattooed over these delicate areas, they soon became invisible. No longer was there a thumbprint of workmanship but a camouflage of colour thickening her hairline, hiding the scars and giving her the confidence to wear her hair up or down. The wind now can run its invisible fingers through her hair, she with no fear, can fully enjoy the sensation of the wind and the freedom of its intoxicating lure.

Who knew a Doctor and SMP Artist could have crossed paths in such a unique way.


Stay tuned for the after picture!!! She has her last appointment to complete tomorrow!!! Don’t miss it!

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