pre-care scalp micropigmentation


    • Avoid blood thinners 48 hours prior to your treatmen this would include NSAIDS (aspirin, Ibuprofen, etc). If you take a prescription blood thinner and would like to have this treatment, please see your physician first to determine if it is safe for you to stop your medication for the preceding 48 hours.
    • SMP clients will wash their head with baby shampoo for approximately 5 days before treatment and shave head with a coil machine or peanut trimmer on a #1 setting, prior to the treatment start date.
    • No alcohol 24 hours prior to your treatment.
    • For maximum pain control, you should have little to no caffeine the day of your treatment.
    • Women for density, when timing the booking of your appointment, keep in mind that pain tolerance is reduced just before and during, menstruation.
    • Please arrive with a full belly as this helps the numbing stay constant and you more comfortable.
    • Avoid exercise of procedure
    • Come to the treatment having washed your hair in advance. This will remove any worry about wetting the artistry.
    • For density clients make sure you don’t have any significant events planned for a few days after your treatment.
    • Further for Scalp work, this may leave your head a little red so an evening out would be better planned 24 to 48hrs later after your procedure.
    • If you are taking any fish oils please stop 3-5 days before your appointment. Fish oil thins the blood and can effect colour retention on the day of.



  • During the first 24 hrs you will apply the provided anti bacterial ointment. Following the 24 hrs it’s important to keep your head dry, avoiding shower heads and sweating for 5-10 days. When absolutely necessary, a warm water rinse maybe applied, carefully avoiding any rubbing or irritation to the scalp. The best thing for a head is to leave it alone. NICE.


        • Require you to NOT to pick, peel or scratch the artist’s work. Should you have itch, which is common in healing, please take a clean tissue, apply it over the area of concern and apply pressure over top of the tissue. Pressing down on top of the tissue will release the itch and protect your artistry.
        • On the day of completed work, avoid excessive alcohol consumption which will affect the colour and crispness of the artistry.
        • All head work may experience some mild swelling for the first few days. In such a case, you may crush some ice and apply it to the affected area using a clean plastic baggy. Also for those who are able take an Advil or anti-inflammatory, this can give some relief to the more delicate head.


    All head work; must avoid sweating out your pigment, there is a settling of the pigment for 5 to 10 days. Activities such as the gym, hot yoga, saunas, dry or wet, or swimming should be avoided during this time

  • Avoid cleansers or exfoiliants of any kind are to be used over or near the artistry. Retin A and glycolic exfoiliants will affect the colour initially, and when used over time will affect the healed results fading the artistry.
  • Avoid sun and suntan beds while healing.





  • To maintain colour retention, use a full spectrum sun screen on your artistry.
  • If you’re having laser work, please inform the technician you have had micro-pigmentation and to avoid the area.
  • For head work touch-ups; Over the years are touch ups are a natural expectation. However, with a healthy immune system and sun care, your SMP can last for years without a touch up and in fact 8 to 15 years in most cases.

We use only the best and highest quality ink and pigments. Our inks and pigments are specifically created for SMP and are proven to have excellent colour retention. Although retention varies from person to person, and is dependant upon their skin, body chemistry and lifestyle, our clients have had excellent durability and stayability to date!

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